Benji is feeling a little lost after the shelter and being returned from an adoption. He loves his people so so so much! The former adopters were not willing to try even the most basic of steps to work with Benji so we are making sure this time around he lands people who will!

Benji is good with other dogs and may do well with a friendly dog role model in the home to keep company. A home with a flexible work schedule that can provide lots of companionship would also work. 

Benji is so adorable so everyone really wants to adopt him, but WE want the people that will love him enough to put some time and effort into him especially as transitions seem very hard on him! Transitions are rough on all dogs and being recently neutered, as well as bouncing from the shelter and different homes has not helped him feel comfortable.

Experienced adopters who will provide him love, structure and training a must -- will get a wonderful, loyal dog in return! $250 adoption donation: Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and ready to be yours!