(Courtesy Post): P'nut

 P’nut is a scrappy 7-year-old lab/pit mix who needs to be the only dog in the house (no cats, either)! She’s a strong-willed, loving, energetic girl who gives everything her all. Her favorite things to do are playing fetch (especially in the water like Tahoe or a pool!), snuggling up to her humans, sunbathing in a backyard or under a window, watching TV very attentively, riding shotgun in the car, and exploring the neighborhood on walks. She’s super attuned to her humans’ moods. She loves attention and is very attentive herself.

 P’nut was originally a rescue (I got her 3 years ago) who I’m guessing wasn’t socialized very well and therefore is pretty anxious in certain situations. Sometimes she’ll act nervous and growl/bark at new people (she’s never bitten a person) until she gets comfortable or, more rarely, goes into timeout to calm down. She has struggled with resource guarding which can be addressed through training that I unfortunately don’t have time or energy for. Over the years, she has bitten two dogs (who’ve lived with her and was otherwise friendly with) when they have tried to take her ball or food. She sometimes gets into stuff she shouldn’t (mostly food and fun stuff like cardboard) when she’s left alone too long or when she’s bored. This can be solved by moving things out of her reach and/or more training.

 An ideal home would have someone who can walk her daily and play fetch in the backyard or at a dog park frequently. Ideally they wouldn’t be away at work all day, or if they are, there are others who can check in on her or give her attention throughout the day.

 I know in my heart of hearts that P’nut is a good girl who just wasn’t taught how to deal with her anxiety. She has made so much progress over the few years I’ve lived with her and I’m so proud of her! Everyone she meets can tell she’s so full of love that she just wants to share with everyone - especially through licks and cuddles.

$100 rehoming fee.

ADOPTABLESamantha Camarra