Sweet Bambino has one of the saddest stories we have ever heard. Confiscated from his former “owners”, he was a victim of animal cruelty and neglect. Bambino was found in his own waste and filth, wearing an embedded harness that had not been removed in years. The harness dug open raw wounds onto his body, and when he was seized he spent over a week at the SAGE emergency hospital in the east bay while he recovered. His wounds have closed but he will always have a marked indentation on his body.

Because his “owner” was tried in court and part of a legal battle, Bambino had to sit in a cage in the back of the Martinez Animal shelter where no one could touch him until the case was closed. He was isolated from May 2018 until February of this year. We cannot imagine the pain, loneliness and sadness this poor boy endured.

They say we don’t deserve dogs, and Bambino is an example of why. Despite all he has been through, he is a sweet boy who does not begrudge humans for his pain. He bonds strongly and will follow you room to room. He loves being near you and being held. He is good with cats, and would do well with low energy, calm and friendly dogs. We cannot wait to watch him continue to blossom and realize he’s safe and will never, ever be hurt again. The ideal home will be a low activity one looking for a full time companion. A few walks a day to get out and smell the roses in a quiet neighborhood, then coming home to curl on the couch would be Bambino’s idea of a perfect day. He deserves to live a peaceful life with adoring, gentle adopters who will treat him like a true member of the family..

Adoption Donation: $125. Neutered, vaccinate, microchipped and utd on monthly preventatives.

adopted10Samantha Camarra