Baby Bear was born out of an accidental liter from the farm next door. His mama was a sweet, purebred Great Pyrenees and the father was a Great Dane (looks exactly like papa).

Bear was adopted as an 8 week old puppy but returned to us at 15 weeks in an emergency situation. Bear had eaten socks twice and needed emergency surgery to remove the obstruction. They felt like they could not care for Bear anymore due to financial and emotional stress from the sock-eating. They surrendered Bear back to us and we got him in the same day for a costly surgery the community helped us partially cover.

He is currently in foster care recovering from his ordeal. We are taking extreme precautions to make sure he doesn't get into mischief with socks. Bear wears a basket muzzle in the house, or is monitored without one but vigilantly. He was quite thin when we got him so we are trying to satiate any hunger and feed him and get some weight on him. He will be a big boy full grown 120 lbs is our best guess.

Adopters should be highly experienced dog owners, understand his needs, and be willing to sign up for puppy training in order to get him on the road to being the best doggy citizen he can be. Available to adopt with a Neuter agreement (adopters must provide neuter certificate at 7 months given his breed size this is our vets earliest recommended age.)

Up-to-date on shots, micrcochipped, bordetella and rabies. $375 adoption donation.