DNA Results: 25% Great Dane, 25% Lab, 12.5% Great Pyrenees, 12.5% Pit, 25% Mix Breed. 130 lb neutered male.

This big boy was an owner surrendered to the Chowchilla shelter in Central California due to a move/new landlord restrictions. He was kept as an outside only dog leading up to his long stay at the shelter.

Benny had been waiting at the shelter for 1.5 YEARS before we rescued him! This poor guy was starting to lose hope that anyone will ever come for him but thanks to a caring foster volunteer, we were able to accept him into our program this spring.

The right home is out there for Benny.

Benny is a gentle giant that loves humans.

He needs a committed owner who is used to large breed dogs, willing to train him, understand that he may never be okay with other dogs, and be home more than just in the AM and PM.

Foster notes:

"I work an 8-5 job and he’s so much calmer Fri- Sunday when I am around more. Even though I come home for lunch, he’s better when he’s around his owner. He’s not a turn key or perfect dog but he’s still amazing."

95% of the time Benny is passed out either inside the house or outside. A large yard or piece of property would be nice, but not a deal breaker. The other 5% of the time he get excited for walks, chases squirrels or wants to be by your side. He’s prefers spending time outside rather than inside (most likely due to being an outside yard dog in his prior home.)

Benny will beg for human food and hang around the kitchen so when I’m cooking or eating dinner he’s usually outside or barricaded away from the kitchen/counter area.

Does well and thrives with:
-- Other humans and home visitors
-- Routines
-- Only pet house hold a must
-- Although he lived with a family before he should be in an adult only home. Especially because the adoption transition is going to take time. Kids and family are busy loud and he does best in quiet and stable environment.

He has gotten better at car rides and travel since when he first arrived, but Benny is not the kind of dog you take camping, away on weekends or cart around. He’s a homebody.

I see him doing great with a semi-retired person or couple or single person.

Benny is eager to please and has a heart of gold.
Very responsive to treats and training.

Things to accept if adopting Benny:
-- His sociability with other dogs: He is a loner in a good way. Any introductions to other dogs MUST BE SLOW and still they might not go well. The new owner needs to be okay with this. A person who is ok walking their dog during off-hours and not needing.a dog who will interact with other dogs is important.
-- He is not an off leash dog meaning his recall is not good and he will run away
-- He can be reactive to other dogs but it depends on distance. Too close too soon and he gets excited and scared. There a have been a handful of times when a dog lunges at us and he freaks out, gets on his hinds legs and wants to get loose. This does not scare me and I stay calm, refocus his attention on me and try to get as much distance from us and the tigger. The new owner needs to be aware of this behavior.
-- He is excited by everything outside of his immediate home. There are times when people ask, “can i pet your dog” and I say no/ maybe later because he’s too excited and not paying attention to me. Without his focus he’s beyond a handful. There are times when he’s so overwhelmed that our walks are cut short. Instead we go on multiple 5 minute walks in stead of the longer 15 mins.
-- Most of the walks are just fine but you have to pay attention. If I can spot a trigger in the distance I can put enough space between us and it and we are just fine. I do not recommend talking on the phone or listening to music while walking him. All eyes on Benny when he’s outside. It’s not that he’s dangerous or aggressive, it’s that he wants to decide where to go and what to see, and with his power and strength you need to be focused, assertive, and collective.

With Benny comes:
Early mornings - he is usually ready to go outside by 6-7am. Benny does not sleep in.
On walks and in the yard likes to mark on things outside so the best thing to do is to keep it moving.

A dog-savvy, big breed experienced owner to put the time into trust building, engagement and training is going to be key for a successful adoption. Hand feeding, lots of leash work (inside the home and private yard), before moving to the great big world beyond will be helpful for B boy.

Simply because of his size it is extra important that Benny continues on this path to well behaved canine citizen; HFP would like to contribute his $150 adoption donation back towards the adopters training classes (proof of enrollment and attendance required), with recommendations for trainers available.Benny deserves a home who will let him decompress from his long stay at the shelter, and finally have a chance to be a loved pet. Owners experienced with big breed a must!

130 lbs, vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered. $150 adoption donation.

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