(Courtesy Post): Bon


Meet Bon, a BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd currently on the adoption floor -- (meaning he has passed his behavioral / medical evals) -- at Solano County Animal Shelter, 2510 clay bank rd. Fairfield CA.

He loves fetch and knows sit. I’ve yet to here him bark surprisingly. He will make someone a fantastic dog.

But Bon needs out BAD -- but doesn’t just need out with anybody. He needs a rescue or skilled/understanding adopter that will allow him to relax and go back to his old self.

The shelter says he used to be a completely different dog. He is now spinning like crazy in the kennels which they say he never used to do. Due to the pent up frustration and stress his dog to dog meetings are not currently very good, but he has lots of potential in this capacity and relaxes after a few minutes.

He’s **literally** losing his mind waiting in the cold, crowded, and noisy cage day in and day out. The shelter does what they can but it just comes down to he’s completely stressed and not handling it well.

We do NOT want him going to just anybody and cannot stress that enough -- sometimes people read the posts and with the greatest of intentions they go to help a dog, which is wonderful, but in this case, it needs to be a rescue, or a breed-savvy owner/foster.

Samantha Camarra