Behavioral Cues: Knows sit, down, stay, place, leave it. Crate-trained. Housetrained.

Exercise needs: Moderate to Low. She would love a walk in the morning and another walk at night. She loves fetch, so fetch in a home with secure backyard access is ideal!

Origin: Cherry was picked up by animal control with her three puppies and Brought to the Martinez CA shelter. Her puppies have since been adopted. We were able to connect with Cherry's original "family" -- she had been a backyard only dog. Exposed to many children and a great family dog but not socialized with animals.

Other: Travels well in the car. Does not bark excessively. Continued structure and crating ideal.

Current Location: Cherry is in a board and train program in Carmichael Ca where she is ready to meet.

Ideal home: Quiet neighborhood/rural setting. Secure 6 foot Backyard. Experienced with dogs. Working schedule ok. low to moderate activity ok, but will give her lots of cuddles and companionship + daily walks.

Loves: Fetch and snuggles.

ADOPTABLESamantha Camarra