Dogs: Coco is very good with other dogs — she would do best in a well-established confident pack with 1, 2 or even 3 well-behaved dogs! She does not engage in play with dogs but enjoys walks with the pack and their companionship.

Cats: Coco needs slow supervised intros with cats; she has the potential to live in a cat home.

Kids: Coco loves kids but can be protective of them, so a kid free home may be best.

Housetrained: Coco is housetrained; Fine being left alone in the home for a few hours without any destruction.

Exercise needs: She is FANTASTIC on a big open property and would make an excellent farm dog. Coco would benefit from a combination of physical and mental activity every day. Including long hikes, jogs, structured walks (focusing on heeling) and quick (5 minute) training sessions sprinkled in the day — sheloves smells and hunting rodents/rabbits. she’s intrigued by birds.

Fears: Coco has exhibited protective tendencies in the home with strangers. Lots of newness and new people at once can be overwhelming for her and she would prefer to be in a room by herself. She also prefers her own space from strangers unless she solicits pets.

Origin: Coco came to us from Fresno. She had been tied on a long line to a tree for the entire summer. She was pregnant with 11 puppies and gave birth here at the rescue. She lived with us for 2.5 months raising the puppies, living in our home, with our dogs, and the puppies altogether.

Other: Travels well in the car. Does not bark excessively. Requires a confident, committed and experienced owner.

Current Location: After her puppies were adopted we moved her into a foster home in Davis. She lives in a home in a busy neighborhood with access to a fenced backyard and two adults.

The most ideal home will be a big property in a rural setting with a confident, well-established pack of dogs. Experienced, Confident owners who will give Coco guidance, security & build her trust is an absolute must.

$200 adoption donation. Coco is spayed, vaccinated (DHPP, Rabies, Bordatella), microchipped and monthly preventatives (flea medicine and heart guard). 48 lbs, 5 yrs.


Coco is a sweet GSP/Viszla mix looking for an active, understanding, and loving home. Coco has lived with us at the rescue for almost 3 months while she was pregnant and then while she raised her litter that was born here. All the pups found homes and Coco is still hoping hers is out there. During her time with us Coco was one of a number of dogs in the home. Our household had visitors, guests, and she loved everyone that came through. on a highly public property, Coco greets visitors appropriately and nicely.

However, once we moved coco into a foster home where she was the only dog, Coco began displaying protective behaviors in the home towards strangers. With the help of a trainer we are helping Coco get over this issue and learn to be a more confident dog, one that does not need to fill the roll of protector. We believe Coco would do best in a home with another confident dog, or a few confident dogs as she has and continues to do so well in that environment with us.

A home familiar with bird dogs would be ideal’ One that has a flexible work schedule and will incorporate her into daily life / adventures / travel. Coco is housetrained, good on leash, good in the car, mellow in the house, playful outside, loves to snuggles, but does not like being crated. she will be your best friend if you give her the chance!

$250 adoption donation includes spay, vaccinations, microchip & utd on monthly preventatives. 4-5 yrs 48 lbs.

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