Chai & Mocha

Chai and her sister Mocha, come all the way from Jeju island, the most notorious place in Korea for violence towards dogs. There, many dogs are tied outside by 3 ft chain for their lives, fed with food waste, abused, abandoned and sold to dog slaughterhouse since dogs are still widely eaten in Jeju.

Mocha and Chai are two two female English Setter and Jindo Mixes (the mother dog is English Setter). The mother dog was found on the road, and the rescuer took her home not knowing she was pregnant. If she had stayed on the road, she would be heading to a slaughterhouse for it is Summer season that most of the dog consumption happens.

The puppies are very energetic, friendly and playful, and also need proper exercise and playtime. 

They have gotten a clean bill of health from vets, quarantine documents and vaccinations.

Samantha Camarra