Murphy is the happiest and friendliest of boys! A true lab personality, he loves romping and playing, but then snoozing for hours.

Here is Murphy's List of Loves: Loves being around people, will whine when not around people, but settles in after a few minutes. Loves all other dogs without reserve, thinks every dog is his new best friend, same with people, absolutely loves everyone. Loves having his chin scratched. Loves toys, especially the squeaky type. Makes no attempt to escape yard. Loves knocking over his water bowl, so recommend some type of heavy bowl. Eats Diamond Naturals brand wet food.

Looking for an active home that will take him on hikes & adventures; flexible work schedule; would love a dog friend but not required. 

1 yr Lab/Viszla Mix, 60 lbs -- $350 to help HFP cover the cost to save his ear. 
Adoption Donation includes Neuter, Vaccinations & Microchip, as well as flea/tick prevention, and monthly preventatives.