Pepper Pants

Petite Pepper Pants the pocket pibble/shiba inu mix (per DNA test) is a sweet, happy, trainable, smart, and loyal girl.

Pepper is ready to impress you with all her commands including: sit, down, stay, wait, drop it, leave it, take it, sit pretty, spin, rewind, around, crawl, go hide, off, weaving through legs, rear, walk backwards on hind legs, play dead, roll over, speak, stand, good on walks. And more!

Highly trainable and a super people pleaser. She will do anything for you without a treat just because she wants you to love her. A doll of a dog. All she wants is cuddle time and love.

Pepper has been friendly to friendly dogs, but can be reactive if ones react to her. She does better with big dogs rather than small ones but currently lives with a puppy who is her BFF.

She enjoys time at the dog park but must be supervised closely/with an experienced handler. Pepper is a true Davis Dog — she enjoys jogging next to you while you bike around town!

Pepper has mild leash reactivity, but with the right handler does well.

Pepper thinks squirrels, cats, bunnies and small dogs are fun to chase, so a home with no little creatures or kiddos for now.

As noted, she is amazing in many ways, but the ideal home for her is one where she can be Princess Pepper of the Castle, with dog experienced handlers (due to her super smarts) who will continue her training + have the time for companionship and love.

House-trained, well behaved in the home, fine being left alone for a few hours, and will no doubt be your very best friend.

Adoption Donation $250 includes Spay, vaccinations, microchip, and utd on monthly preventatives.