Puppy Cob

The Lucky 7 were dropped off at a County Shelter as 4 week old puppies with no mother. We were contacted by Animal Control because puppies that young cannot stay at the shelter without risk of getting very sick, or euthanized being under age. We raced to the shelter and brought them to our program for a new beginning.

These 7 are currently being fostered by an amazing family in Davis, where they are exposed to kids and friendly role-model dogs to help them learn all the doggy things. They are some sort of Shepherd Mix, and will probably be 55-65 lbs full grown (best guess — and this could vary.) So a family flexible with size and not limited by breed or weight restrictions will be very important.

Because they lost their mother so early on, we are committed to finding families with the following:

  1. Commitment to training, socialization, exercise and companionship — we would recommend obedience classes, exposure to friendly dogs (not by way of solely dog-park). Even if you have owned dogs in the past, are you willing to learn more? If a behavior pops up (mouthiness, destruction, barking), will you see a trainer for it? How will you address the issue?

  2. Preference to homes with experience raising dogs — demonstrated ability to care for an animal through it’s whole life, through thick and thin, moves and life changes. You do not have to be a perfect dog owner (we are not!) Our motto is “Know better, do better!” Willingness to adapt, change and learn as you bring a new puppy into the home.

  3. Time to devote to the above & companionship — if you are gone from the house longer than 7-8 hours a day, you may want to consider an older dog. Although they sleep a lot now, they will be full of energy from 6 months to 1 yr — we see so many dogs surrendered due to work schedule, no time, too much energy, not enough training, especially as they reach the 6 month threshold and are no longer small puppies but oversized puppies.

  4. Preference to home-owners land or fenced yard: although we also adopt to renters and people who live in apartments, given the German Shepherd in them, many rentals and apartments restrict this breed. Backyards don’t exercise dogs, people do. Please note, even if you have a yard, putting the dog in the yard is not a form of exercise, engagement or stimulation.

  5. Preference to homes with role-model dogs; because these puppies were separated from their mother so early, they missed out on important learning opportunities from her such as bite inhibition. While they have a “surrogate mother” of sorts in their foster home, puppies in this situation can often bite harder. Another dog to mouth with, play with, and learn from would be ideal (though not required). We are firm believers your dog needs to have a good base of training first before welcoming a second dog in the home. It will only get harder when you bring a puppy home. If your dog is fear-reactive, not used to walking on leash, going places, traveling, how will that limit this new puppies experience and upbringing? Will they pick up on your dogs “bad” behaviors, fears, phobias.

Adoption Donation: $375 — Puppies are vetted, vaccinated, microchipped, flea/tick treated and dewormed. Adopters are responsible for finishing age appropriate shots (depending on your vet they may recommend 2-3 more DAPP shots, with the last one administered at 16 weeks), and providing proof of spay/neuter between 5-6 months of age. Six months allows the dogs to grow more, while getting them before their first heat, or chance of procreating. We are FIRM on the 6 month agreement, though many vets may suggest waiting till 1 year.

Please review more FAQS about adoption/next steps at heartsforpawsrescue.com/adoption-info.

Please complete the adoption form as honestly and thoroughly as possible. Help us get to know you as dog-owners! Remember to send an email including pictures of your home/yard/current pets (Kindly requested in lieu of initial home-check to info@heartsforpawsrescue.com)

Meet and greets are by scheduled appointment only, and puppies will be ready to go to their new homes around May 18th.

Samantha Camarra