Meet Sam: Sam was found on New Years night running through traffic. Terrified of fireworks, he had broken out of his yard. He was ruffed up and hungry, but also full of love & energy so his finder knew she needed to help him. 

Turns out, Sam was left in a backyard his whole entire life & his “family” had left him for the week while they went on vacation. Sadly, they didn’t want him back. His fosters have been doing such a wonderful job taking care of him since Jan 1, but now need our help to find Sam a home because he’s too stressful on their cats. 

This strapping American Bulldog mix is 12 years young with so much happiness to spread & tons of pep still in his step!

Sam is also fixed, up to date on shots, and a truly such a good dog. He is best suited in a home with another medium-large sized dog or as a single pet; he love, loves to pull on ropes and chase balls! 

Who can show this once backyard-only dog what the good life is all about? Surely there is one person out there that needs him as much as he needs you!

Samantha Camarra