We are a recognized 501(c)3 volunteer rescue in davis ca!



Founded in the Fall of 2016, Heart For Paws aims to build a passionate community connecting animal lovers to the animals most in-need. Our dogs live in Foster Homes where they receive individual, one-on-one attention. Our Board of Directors is composed of Davis' top professionals in their respective fields.

You too can make a difference by FOSTERINGdonating or adoptingContact us today!






Sam was born & raised with animals. After volunteering and fostering at a high kill shelter, she wanted to help bring change to a flawed system.

When one of Sam's foster dogs was unexpectedly put down without her knowing, she felt helpless. So she turned compassion into action and Hearts for Paws was born. Though Sam wasn't able to save 1 year old Marsh, HFP runs in his honor--- for Marsh, and for all the dogs that never got the chance to find peace, love, or a family of their own.

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