the first step in finding your new best friend

1. Complete the application below thoroughly and honestly.  The more detail the better. Help us get to know you as a dog owner. * Please submit pictures of your backyard area/fencing & current pets, via email to to complete the application* Incomplete applications may not be reviewed.

2. We will contact you within 1-3 days to discuss the potential match. If it sounds like a potential fit for all, we will set up a meet & greet

  • If you have not heard back from us after 3 days, please send a follow up email to make sure your form was received or is being reviewed. Thank you for understanding the animal you are interested in may not be the best match for your home, but we are happy to keep your application on file for new incoming dogs.

  • Adopters must be over 20 years of age; proof of residence and home-check mays be required.

  • After you submit your form & pictures, you can review our Adoption Info and Meet & Greet pages to familiarize yourself with our adoption policies and next steps.

  • We are an all-volunteer rescue trying our very best for our community & our animals. Everyone you correspond with and interact with through HFP is volunteering their time, energy & heart into this process. We look forward to helping you find your new best friend!

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Is anyone hesitant? If yes, please explain.
What has been their experience up to now with dogs?Do they get scared when approached by dogs? How would you plan on introducing them to your new dog if they are hesitant? Will your child be able to, or learn how to, respect your dogs normal boundaries (Food, space, toys, etc)? please answer this as honestly as possible.
Personality, temperament, activity level, size, etc.
What are your daily exercise plans for your new dog? Do you plan on crating your new dog? The more detail the better!
Please note different dogs have different exercise needs. Working dogs, herding dogs, etc need daily play, rigorous exercise and mental/physical stimulation: runs, fetch, swimming, playing with other dogs etc.
Please describe in detail.
Please describe in detail where the dog will be. IE Inside/Outside? Crated?
If no, where will he/she be limited to?
Yard? Patio? Fenced? If fenced, how tall? How large? Grass? Concrete?
Name, Breed, Age, What happened to them?
Please note: Thousands of dogs are surrendered to shelters every day. The most common reasons are: moving, no time, landlord restrictions, dog not wanted, owner death/health issues. Much of the time, dogs land at shelters through no fault of their own! Before adopting, please discuss & plan the potential for these normal life events to happen. If you are a renter, are you willing to keep searching till you find a dog-friendly complex? If you move, would you plan to bring your dog with you? If you are a busy family or person, what are your plans to ensure time is always made, every day, for your dog to be exercised, fed and loved. Before applying or adopting, please discuss the hard questions to determine whether you are ready to commit to 12-15 years of dog ownership?
What circumstances have changed in your life that now allow you to welcome to a new dog and commit to keeping it for the rest of it's life? Do you foresee ever rehoming a dog again under any circumstance? If yes, what circumstance? As much detail as possible is helpful.
Please describe in length, and if you are relying on friends and/or family please list their name, contact information, and relation.
Please Check ALL normal dog behaviors that you are prepared and willing to deal with: *
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If yes, please list their name/contact information.
Please include their Email, Phone Number, and Relation to you.
The suggested adoption donation is $250 for Dogs 6 months +, and $375 for puppies 2-5 months. (Please note: some dogs may be partially sponsored or a higher donation amount may be requested as previously stated on each individual dog's bio page. Adoption donations are non-refundable.) Donations help cover rescue costs which may include spay/neuter, emergency services, major surgeries, vaccinations, chips, initial wellness checks, grooming, medicines & monthly preventatives, food, treats, leashes, harnesses equipment, and transport,. We rely completely on your donations to save the lives of deserving dogs. Thank you for your support and for choosing adoption! The above application must be reviewed and approved prior to adopting any dog that has been rescued by Hearts for Paws Rescue Inc. By signing below, I am stating I have reviewed and approved this application:
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