interested in adopting?

1. please complete HFP’s simple adoption form

2. if it sounds like a potential match for you & a dog of interest, we’ll promptly Contact you to schedule a meet & greet


  • How/where do I meet a dog I’m interested in?

Please complete our adoption form linked above. Tell us about yourself, your lifestyle, & which dog - or what type of dog - you are interested in. The more detail the better! Help us get to know you as dog owners. Please include pictures of your home, backyard & current pets in a separate email. Your adoption application helps us pair you with potential matches. Puppy Adoptions are often more competitive, so be as thorough as possible in your answers to help us distinguish your home from other homes. We will promptly respond to discuss the match, and a potential meet & greet at the foster home, rescue, your home, or convenient/neutral location TBD.

  • What are your adoption fees & why are they priced this way?

Hearts for Paws kindly asks for a $250 suggested starting adoption donation, (Puppies 2-5 months: $375). Some dogs may have lower or higher suggested donations. Each dog’s individual adoption donation is listed in their bio at Meet the Dogs.

Your generous donation helps cover costs of wellness checks, spay/neuter surgeries, emergency services, major surgeries for medical needs dogs, medications, monthly preventatives, grooming, transport, training, equipment & food.  

Please note: the cost to spay/neuter, vaccinate, chip, flea/tick treat, and deworm a healthy adult is $250 — which is also the suggested adoption donation. Our Puppy Adoptions are our #1 source of funding to pay it forward to longer term residents, special needs & medical needs cases. We have routinely spent between $2000-$5000 to save individual dogs with life saving surgeries.

We are a small (but mighty) force run completely by caring volunteers. We pay out of pocket expenses everyday to do what needs to be done for the animals that need us most. By adopting, you not only save the life of your animal, but you also create space in our program for another deserving soul to be saved.

  • Do I have to complete a separate adoption form for new dogs I am interested in?

    Once you have completed an adoption form, we are happy to keep it on file for future matches if the first dog you are interested in doesn’t work out. Only if significant time has passed, major circumstances change or applicable info changes (moves, household members, current pets, work schedules), you may be asked to complete another form.

  • What are your Adoption Requirements?

We try our best to address each dog’s and adopter’s needs. For all our dogs, most importantly, we aim to find homes with the time, dedication and commitment to fully incorporate & welcome a new animal into the family! Adopters agree to use kindness, positive/balanced reinforcement with their animals, as well as provide necessary vetting throughout their lives. We do ask adopters to stay in touch with pictures and updates periodically. If an adoption doesn’t work out, we require adopters offer the animal back to HFP before any other steps are taken.

Some families are looking for dogs that can assimilate into their family without missing a beat; some dogs can do this, but for others it requires time, patience and structure to feel comfortable, and settle into the home/routine. Some special adopters are willing and able to help give a home to dogs who are less “wanted,” or need a little more help learning to trust, socialize, and “how to dog.”

We hope you have already put lots of time & thought into adopting a dog before contacting us. Moves, finances, time constraints, and other life changes are the most common reasons dogs are surrendered shelters. As a dog owner, how will you face these changes should they occur unexpectedly?

If you are on the fence, or not quite sure if now is the right time, what kind of dog fits best for your lifestyle, or have other reservations, we strongly encourage you to foster or foster-to-adopt (like a trial of sorts) first, before diving into 12-15 years of pet ownership!

If adoption is a bit further down the road…. a great place to start is at your local shelter! Volunteering to walk and care for the dogs who desperately need it will increase your skills/abilities, allow you to interact with many types of dogs, and give you a greater understanding of a shelter dog’s journey to a forever home.



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