MEET & GREETS ARE HELD AT EITHER: THE RANCH, THE FOSTER HOME (each dog’s specific city location is listed on their profile), OR MAY BE HELD AT YOUR HOME.

For Meet & Greets at the Ranch: Our office is located at 25703 county rd. 95 Davis CA. You will recognize the property for the white fences, and the rolling green pastures. Please drive slowly down the driveway! There are many people and animals around. Park on the very first right, along the gravel by the blue barns. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.


What to bring

1) ALL household members, current dogs included —

Unless previously discussed, we may not allow adoptions to be finalized if not all members are present. Some meet and greets end in an adoption the same day, however we may ask you to take some time to talk as a family, allow us to discuss as an organization & check back in within 24 hours

2) Slip Lead Leash + IDentification taG —

Our dogs will come with their collars — if you adopt a dog from a meet and greet, please put an ID tag on their collar (tag should include your name/number/address) before leaving! DOGS MUST WEAR A SLIP LEAD + WE RECOMMEND SECURING WITH A SECOND LEASH TO HARNESS OR COLLAR FOR THE FIRST WEEKS OR MONTHS.


Adoption Donations: we accept: 1) Venmo donation to @heartsforpawsrescue 2) Cash or 3) Check (made payable to Hearts for Paws Rescue to be left with the foster or an HFP authorized agent). Your donations are tax-deductible (our tax-code EIN 35-2566895 is listed under Hearts Fur Paws Rescue). We are happy to provide you a receipt upon request. Adoption donations are non-refundable. Each dog’s individual adoption donation is listed under their bio on our adoptable dogs page.

  • What you will be signing

    When you adopt a HFP Dog, you agree to provide companionship, shelter, food, water, life-time vetting, and care for the animal throughout it’s life. To make an adoption official we will sign a Transfer of Care/Custody Form, Waiver, and HFP’s Memorandum of Understanding. This memorandum states: adopters must email picture up-dates to HFP within 2 weeks of an adoption, and at any point if/when requested. HFP has the right to schedule up to two post-adoption home-checks to check in on the well being of the animal. Additionally, and most importantly, if at any time an HFP adopted animal is no longer wanted*, or you can no longer care for the animal, adopters must inform HFP and offer the animal back in writing by completing our form at HFP adopted dogs cannot be gifted, sold, brought to shelters, or given away. In most cases of return, we may ask you hold onto the dog until we can find safe & stable placement (another foster or another forever home). We welcome our dogs back with open arms to ensure their safety and well-being but may need some time to find accommodations. If you cannot hold onto the animal until placement can be found, you may be required to pay boarding fees. Failure to comply may result in fines.

    • If the animal is no longer wanted for behavioral issues - you may be asked to provide proof of an in-person consultation with a professional trainer prior to surrender.

    • Some animals are available with Spay/Neuter Agreements: The cost of Spay/Neuters for dogs 6 months and older is included in the adoption donation. However the clinics/vets we work with are often weeks out from an appointment. If your dog has not yet been fixed, you agree to bring your dog to the pre-scheduled spay/neuter appointment that we have paid for. If you live far away & don’t want to drive back for the appointment, you must complete a spay/neuter in your area no later than 3 weeks after adoption. Adoptions are contingent on the timely completion of the operation. During this time you agree to keep your new pet on-leash only in public — upon proof of surgery we can provide you with a refund voucher amount of $100-$150 dollars.

    • For puppies under 5 months that are not yet spayed/neutered: adopters must pay for, and provide proof of surgery by agreed upon date signed in your Transfer of Care/Custody contract. While some vets may suggest you wait a year to get your puppy fixed, our agreement is firm that the surgery must be done by 6 months of age. Once again, official adoptions are contingent upon this agreement and adopters must finish any age-appropriate shots for puppies as well. Failure to provide proof of surgery by agreed upon time frame, may also result in fines.