Thank you for considering fostering to save the life of a dog who has no one else to turn to. Fostering is a fun, challenging, but always worthwhile experience. We could not continue to rescue any animals without people opening their heart & home!

Expect some speed bumps along the way — a chewed shoe, a few sleepless nights, potty accidents, and a lot of time and patience, especially in the beginning as your new dog learns the ropes. Thank you for understanding these dogs are often coming directly from a very stressful shelter stay where they have been for weeks, if not months or even years. They have lost their families & have not had stability, structure, or a person to call their own for a long time. They will need time to decompress, and adjust; it is the fosters responsibility to provide a caring, patient, positive environment for the dog to return to a calm state of mind. We strongly recommend keeping the dog’s world small for the first few weeks by keeping environments positive and controlled. As a foster, you will help your dog become its most adoptable self (which can include learning to walk on leash well, master house training, practicing basic commands, acclimatizing with strangers/animals, etc). We also rely on you to take pictures, videos, and stay in touch to help promote your dog for adoption!

We will provide you with all the food and equipment you will need as well as monthly preventatives and necessary vetting. You may meet with pre-screened, potentially well-matched adopters at your home, the adopters home, or the rescue ranch.

After submitting the form below, please email a picture of your backyard & current pets (if applicable), to,

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(Please note: We require a minimum 30 days of fostering. If your dog is adopted before the 30 days we may require you foster another dog for the remainder of the time. Each dog may have individual and unique foster needs. Some of our dogs may need to be fostered until adopted (average span is 30 to 40 days, but may be a 2, 3, 4 months.)
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